Dr Lucia Anelich has recently written an article for New Food Magazine on the Listeriosis Outbreak: Lessons Learnt (Part One published in October 2018). Download here.

03 September 2018: The listeriosis outbreak in South Africa is officially over as announced today by the Minister of Health.

Click here for Anelich Consulting's communique in this regard.

South Africa has experienced the largest documented outbreak of listeriosis, a severe disease caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.  This is a foodborne pathogen, meaning that it is transmitted via contaminated food when eaten.  Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.  Confirmed number of cases at the end of the outbreak were 1060 with 216 deaths

Previous Communiques by Anelich Consulting

Anelich Consulting published regular communiques with opinions, to keep industry and other stakeholders updated on the outbreak.  Previous briefs are available: 25 April, 09 April, 04 March, 21 February, 15 February, 06 February, 25 January, 18 January, 13 January, 05 January 2018.


Dr Lucia Anelich conducted numerous interviews for printed media, digital media, radio and television, offering her expert opinions on the outbreak, the organism and the disease.  The most recent interview held was in July 2018 by online journal Food Quality and Safety in USA - click here.  Other interviews are also available as follows:

Food Quality and Safety. International Reuters. Times LiveDaily Maverick. Carte Blanche. DFA. Courant. City Press. East Coast Radio. Radio 702. Cape Talk. Mail and Guardian. Food and Beverage Reporter

Click here for a copy of Dr Lucia Anelich's summary of an outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes febrile gastroenteritis in Italy recently published.  The original research article can be found here.

Source of Outbreak Announcement - 04 March 2018

The Minister of Health announced on 04 March 2018 that according to the Dept of Health, the source had been identified as polony made by two different companies.  Whilst RCL Foods were cleared regarding the st6 strain, the other brand i.e. Enterprise showed presence of the st6 strain in its facilities, according to the NICD.  Massive recalls have been conducted across the country and in neighbouring countries which imported those products from South Africa.  The recall was wider than just polony. It included many other products produced by Enterprise as a pre-caution. 





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